Terms and conditions


Privacy policy

Brasileiros em Ushuaia is committed to the privacy and safety of its clients during the whole process of browsing and purchase through the website. The registration data of the clients are not sold, exchanged or disclosed to third parties, except when these information are necessary to book tours, charging or for participation in “running promotions” requested by its clients. Your personal data is essential for the tour to be carried out.

For further information about our privacy policy, contact us by mail: info@brasileirosemushuaia.com.br

Cancellation policy

1º - When the client wishes to cancel the tour:

The customer who wishes to cancel the tour has to send an e-mail or call the agency within a maximum period of 7 working days after confirming the payment of their account, as provided in the article 49 of the Consumer Code.

For cancellations requested within 48h in advance, the company will refund 50% of the tour's value. In case of cancellations requested within less than 24h in advance, there is no refund of the value.

2º - Cancellation of a tour due to weather or force majeure reasons:

Our tours are subjected to weather conditions, so we may cancel a tour always aiming at the safety of the passenger. In these cases, we will always propose to book the tour again or refund the full value of it.

Refund of the amount paid

The return of payments made by credit card will be made by means of a reversal of the posting, to be requested by BRASILEIROS IN USHUAIA AGENTE DE VIAGENS LTDA - ME to the administrator of the card used within 72 (seventy two) hours after acceptance and validation of the canceled tour conditions. The chargeback period is a responsibility of the card administrator and will be carried out according to the rules and conditions of that company.


We must remember that tours done in mountains or with snowy walks can cause accidents. Then, to travel with ease it is important to have a travel insurance.

Travel insurance

We suggest consumers to purchase a travel insurance, as well as the coverage provided in the policy and for whom coverage is extended. Generally these insurances are cheap, especially when hired in a group, and can avoid many headaches.

In an insurance policy, it is important to include: hospitalization coverage, surgeries, legal assistance, interpreters to help you abroad, return in advance, and all the exceptionalities that can occur in a trip.