Who we are

We are a team willing to help anyone who wants to enjoy the holidays in a different way, with a lot of adventure and wonderful landscapes.

The bridge between Brazil and Patagonia is a very important mission for us, who are available to add information and tips to your trip so that you can enjoy it 100%.

Meet our tours and come and explore Patagonia Argentina with us!



We have all the experience to welcome the Brazilians in the best way possible and help make your trip the most incredible of them all!


Learn how it all started

It all started in 2010, with the first visit of the couple Mario and Janaina Barros to Ushuaia. Just over two years later, they returned to Ushuaia, only this time to spend long vacations and already dreaming of a move to this quiet, beautiful and touristy city.

From an unpretentious idea of ​​creating a page on Facebook for friends to see their photos in Ushuaia, it was that contacts began to emerge from several unknown people around Brazil wanting to get their doubts, asking for tips and information about the city that in the beginning Was of "rest."

From there came the idea of ​​returning to Brazil, "closing the doors" and leaving the comfort zone. That's what they did, and seven months later, they were literally putting everything in their car - including their little York dog - and starting on a trip titled "Brazilian Expedition in Ushuaia." They arrived at the end of the world after exactly 50 days and more than 10 thousand kms of road, leaving the most eastern point of the Americas, the city of João Pessoa (Paraíba) to the southernmost point of the planet, the city of Ushuaia.

In January 2014, they finally arrived in Ushuaia and began to work hard with tourism in the region, along with a newly opened local agency. At first all the contacts were made by the social media, receiving the Brazilians and giving all the necessary support so that their vacations were unforgettable.

After four months of work, and with the need to make money, they took advantage of a race event that happened in the city - where hundreds of Brazilians would be present - to create for themselves an excursion that would take the athletes all day to do Several things in one tour: the Mega Tour. In three days, 91 Mega Tour rides were sold, surpassing the expectation and later making this tour one of the company's flagship cars.

Three months later, with the arrival of winter, a new tour was created. This, in turn, surpassed the Mega Tour in sales, providing, thus, the sale of more than a thousand tours as early as the first winter. And so, that dream that began in such an unpretentious way became real!

With this, great partnerships and contacts began to emerge and, with little more than a year of road, the Brazilian agency in Ushuaia was already among the best tour agencies in the city and carried a very strong name, thus garnering respect from the big providers Services in Ushuaia. Surpassing and very all expectations we had initially.

We also operate in El Calafate - Patagonia Argentina - and being under the slogan "here we speak your language" has conquered the heart of all Brazilians who venture to the end of the world!


The Brazilian agency in Ushuaia is one of the main tourism agencies in Tierra del Fuego. In the years 2015/2016, we received more than 10 thousand tourists.


In 2017, the partner Luiz Fernando Barros returned to Brazil with the intention of expanding the company and bringing our customers closer together offering a better service.

With the growth, the Brazilian agency in Ushuaia currently has 30 employees in the 2 countries and also with its own fleet of 9 vehicles, being off-road cars and touring vans